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Educator, Coach, Consultant, 

Guide to the Inner World

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Margaret McGill has taken a non-conventional path in developing her own unique practices.  Starting at age twenty-one, she traveled for eight years as a missionary in Latin America, establishing rehabilitation centers for young adults with drug and alcohol problems, and raising funds through lectures, theatrical presentations, and TV and radio shows – along the way, she learned a great deal about compassion, determination, risk-taking and faith … from a non-academic point-of-view. 

Returning to the US in 1978, she shortly thereafter began a decade-long educational journey which included a Licensed Practical Nursing degree in 1985, an Associate degree in 1987, and a Bachelor of Science in Communication in 1991.  Among her many awards and accomplishments was being chosen to deliver the 1988 Keynote Speech to 500-plus women at the national convention of PEO (the women’s charitable sorority), and selection as the 1991 Outstanding Student in Oral Interpretation and Performance Studies at Arizona State University.

Margaret’s business career has focused on health and education, and included working with suicidal teenagers and adults at the Southwest Behavioral Institute; serving as a geriatrics activity coordinator specializing in Alzheimer patients; directing of the Psychiatric Technicians Program for Apollo College; teaching business leadership and communication at Bryman College; and counseling court-referred clients at Arizona Behavioral Counseling Services, where she provided instruction in Domestic Violence, Anger Management and Substance Abuse. 

Margaret began her private practice, Emotional Transformations® LLC, in 1999, shortly after certification as a Grief Recovery Specialist.  She draws on sources as varied as Jungian Principles and Spiritual Intuition, Alchemy and Dream-work, music and meditation.  From her lifetime experiences, Margaret has synthesized a form of inner exploration, which is the art of finding one’s personal truths through emotional and spiritual self-discovery. In addition to the programs she offers through her private practice, Margaret has developed and taught Mesa Community College adult education courses in Emotional Transformation and Dream Interpretation, which became a big hit! 

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