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The journey to inner peace begins here

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Margaret's approach to each client is individualized both for the desired outcomes and for the methods she employs.  Many of her "methods" are unstructured, as they simply follow the path that appears spontaneously in any particular session.  



Couples should be aware that Margaret's processes work best when each person focuses on him- or herself individually.  As each partner increases their individual awareness, they can then learn to relate more effectively within the framework of their relationship. 

Based on the above dynamic, Margaret recommends that couples see her individually, and then participate in a joint session once every 2 weeks.


One of the primary programs that Margaret utilizes is Grief Recovery, an educational process that assists the client to gain new perspectives about his or her life, particularly about unexpected or undesired changes that occurred in the past. 


This process allows one to retrieve the energy that is tied-up in past unresolved emotional traumas.  Retrieval of this energy contributes to the client's healing, empowering him or her to live more authentically and confidently.

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Margaret facilitates workshops once or twice a year.    Usually, each workshop is unique in its content and scope, distilling what Margaret is currently learning in her own personal journey.  The hallmark of all of Margaret's workshops and classes is that they encourage participants to go deeply into themselves to recover the gold that is buried within.  


I have been in and out of ... therapy since the group workshops that were so available in the late 1960's - early 1970's, and many hours of deep, painful therapy during those years. Since then, I have participated in leadership trainings, personal growth experiences /

workshops and off and on many years of personal therapy.  I would say that out of all the practitioners I worked with over the years, I remember only three who had done their own work, and really helped me face and learn what I needed to discover about myself.

[Margaret,] You must have suffered a lot to become the woman you are now, and I respect your determination to continue to go deeper and discover more about yourself.  Because you chose to do that, I am getting the benefit of your experience. I appreciate your ability to guide me to face the parts of me that I am unconscious of, and help me find direction to become a better, more compassionate person.


Thank you for facilitating a powerful experience for us today, I deeply appreciated your vulnerability in sharing some of your personal journey. I think that's the piece that many teachers/therapists/guides tend to leave out. I know it's a tricky task to not make it about you, but to share in an effort to empathize, encourage, and to model vulnerability and strength, and the gifts that come from the journey into the unknown. You did this masterfully, thank you.


How I appreciate the insights, reviews and soul-searchings workshop we enjoyed last Sunday! I continue to ponder the gleaning because of the well-organized, thought-provoking presentation. It was especially meaningful due to the powerful change of events in your life that you so tenderly shared with us.


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